Best 3D Printing Pen (2017) – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

BEST 3D Printing Pens to Look For 


Kids today benefit highly from the development of technology.

One of the most amazing things created recently is 3D pens. These are good for kids because not only is it fun, but it can help them develop their skills and understanding of three-dimensional space.

If you are considering getting one for your kids, try to find the best 3D pens on the market so that they will have a great experience.


Two Kinds Of Pens

There are two types of 3D pens. The common kind is one that makes use of molten plastic that comes out of the heated nozzle while the other one uses liquid ink that comes out of the nozzle and is that cured and solidified by UV light. This type is safer for kids as the nose stays fresh.


Top 3D Pens On The Market

  • 3D Magic ImagiPen – this one costs $20 and is specifically targeted for children. It makes use of the “cool ink” that drives through UV light making it safe for kids.
  • AtmosFlare 3D Drawing Pen – this one costs $30 and uses the same technology as the previous one. However, the ink does not automatically come out, as it needs to be squeezed by the user.
  • 3Doodler Start – this is $50 and uses a biodegradable plastic filament, which melts at a lower temperature than other plastics. It also has automatic buttons to make it easy to use for children.
  • Polyes Q1 3D Pen – this one is at $100 and has a child-safety switch. Their inks come in many colors, and some that even glow in the dark. It also has a speed control button.
  • CreoPop 3D Pen – this pen is at $85 and is the sleekest looking. It uses rechargeable batteries via a USB cable and fresh ink with many different colors as well.


There are a few other 3D pens that are safe for children, but these are the top 5. This is a great idea for a kids birthday or Christmas gift to help them explore their creativity.



Artists today have many ways in which they can express their creativity with the use of the technological advances of the era. Multiple programs and software have been developed for artists to be able to create the 3D rendering of their ideas in their head. 3D printing has also been developed in which those computer-aided designs can then be printed out as a 3D object. But technology has taken it a step further with 3D pens where they can draw out in 3D the art that is in their head.


The Kinds for Artists

While there are many 3D pens available on the market, there are specific kinds that are better for the use of artists. This is because some pens allow the material to be changed, the temperature of the printing, the printing speed and many others, this is why looking for the best 3D pens specially made for artists is a good idea.


Top Picks

  • Matchbox 3D Printing Pen & Clones – very lightweight at only 50 grams and can print with ABS or PLA filaments. There is an LCD screen that shows the temperature and the lamp type, and it has speed and temperature control buttons.
  • 7Tech 3D Printing Pen – this has a thread jamming detection as well as an unclogging mechanism. There is a standby mode after 5 minutes and is quiet and comfortable to use. Temperature and speed can also be controlled.
  • MYNT3D Professional 3D Printing Pen – lightweight at 40 grams and has a removable nozzle for easy maintenance. Temperature can be adjusted in 1-degree increments.
  • Carson 3D Printing Pen – this has the same basic features as the other pens, but it also has red and blue LED lights that tell you when the pen is heated up and ready to use
  • 3Doodler Pro – this is one of the most advanced pens on the market. Almost any 3D filament can be used, and the nozzles come in multiple sizes and shape openings such as square, triangle and ribbon shapes. It also has a built-in fan that can be controlled.


There are many 3D pens to choose from, but artists may need the extra features that these products have. Check the reviews for the best one and see which of these can fit your budget.

The Best 3D Pens for 2016

What are These Pens for?

These are the kind of pens that delivers detailed the three-dimensional outputs. Thus, it is aptly called as such. At times, this is referred as 3D printing pens. For artists, even with the best ones, the process of three-dimensional printing is quite tough. Nevertheless, even though the procedures are not that easy, creating designs and draw in the three-dimensional layout is something amazing all together. The imaginations you once had and drawn in sketchbooks can now become a reality in front of your eyes, and the possibilities are indeed endless.

What are the Best 3D Pens of 2016?

According to reviews and customer ratings, the five most astounding three-dimensional pens of this year are:


1. POLES Q1 – Its model name is actually: Polyes Q1 Heatless Three-Dimensional Printing Pen, and this is known to be “light-curing” and is operated with batteries. Its size is incredibly handy for it is 224*40*26mm. What is its max consumption? It is recorded as 5.5W. How about the working temperature, is there a best time for it? Apparently, there is, around 10C-30C. Its working life expectancy is two years, while storage life for five years.

2. GENESIS –  This is probably the most suitable for crafts enthusiasts and artists all over the world and developed by Lasso Labs. It has the LED indicator, with the size of 7.9 x 5 x 3 inches. It is reviewed for proffering high-resistance capabilities, and the company grants 100% lifetime warranty!

3. CREOPOP – This is probably the first among the three-dimensional pens that are associated with cool inks, as it is capable of solidifying photopolymers whenever these are LED lights exposed. It does not have any parts that are hot or melting. It is cordless.

    4. SCRIBBLER Three-D Pen V3 – This item weighs 2.36 Oz and has 6 x 2 x 4 inches dimensions. It has its OLED-display, and its plastic thread feeder can be heightened to six speeds. You can opt for seven different colors. The most versatile and easiest to use among others sold in the market today.

5. 7 TECH Three-D Drawing Pen Ver.2015 – It has its safety features, like auto-standby mode. You can expect no jamming to occur due to its innovative unclogging mechanism. It has its LCD screen too to assist the three-D creating.