Best Electric Shavers (2017) – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews


Forget Razor Shaving

Growing a mustache and a beard can be fun every once in a while, however, if your work requires you to come in clean and free from long facial hair then you have to shave ever so often. Purchasing a shave and shaving cream might be cheaper, nevertheless, it can cause hassles to you, and the result is not as smooth and groomed as you hope it to be. Why don’t you just forget about razor shaving and give yourself a gift this holiday seasons with the best electric shavers for 2016?

Throw that Old Razor Now

Most men do have long facial hair, and to deal with this, often they shave two to three times a week. This is to ensure that their faces are smooth and clean, and if this is mandatory for work, men have no choice but to comply. Usually, men have to use razors and even though these are cheaper, its usability is not that promising or the length of its usage is not that long. Maybe you could just throw that old razor now and opt for an electric shaver instead?

Why Do You Need It?

Well, aside from the fact that a significant battery powers it and charging system, you can almost rest assure that most of the models being sold in the market today are usable for wet and dry circumstances. You can’t say this about conventional razors. Furthermore, warranties are involved, and the shaving experience is stress-free, fast and detailed.

Qualities to Watch Out For

First, though, you need to check out particular classes before choosing and purchasing your new electric shaver.

  • Rotary or Foil
  • Rotary are using spin mechanism and removes hair in between. Foil provides smooth and close shave.
  • Charging Speed and Battery Life
  • Know about this feature so that you can use the shaver for an ample amount of time.
  • Key Features
  • All products have its key specifications; compare which one suit you best.

Top Shavers

  1. Uses the “sensor foil” technology with its three blades
  2. Precision trimming
  3. Fully washable and waterproof
  4. Shaver’s head is replaceable every eighteen months


  1. 4-blade cutting system with 30 degrees Nano Blades
  2. Fully washable
  3. Multi-Flex fit for short hairs
  4. Useful for wet and dry utilization


  • PHILIPS NORELCO 550 5370/81
  1. Turbo-powered rotary shaver
  2. Flex heads and can move in 5 diverse directions
  3. The trimmer is smart click precision and can detail sideburns and mustache quickly
  4. Blade system is multi-precision


  1. Equipped with the MultiFlex pivoting head and 5-blade foil shaver
  2. Detailing achieved with pop-up trimmer
  3. Functions highlighted with ease through LCD
  4. Has “special detergent pack.”


  • PHILIPS NORELCO 8950/90 particular EDITION
  1. Has Aquatech innovation, useful for both Wet and Dry utilization.
  2. Equipped with eight-course detection system that is advanced, and swivels V-track with ease and precision
  3. Boasts “smart click” beard styler
  4. Has the “smart, clean” system and capable of washing, lubricating, and recharging the shaver after every shave.



Which are the Best Electric Shavers this 2016?


  1. Exceptionally fit for men who have sensitive skin due to its hypoallergenic foil heads.
  2. Professional barbers uphold and approve this American Brand.
  3. Easy to use, affordable, powerful, bump free and even protects you from bacteria with its antimicrobial defense system.


  1. The brand is undoubtedly one of the best technology providers for consumers.
  2. Has five foils and with three differentiations and usages.
  3. Probably the best one for close shaving and works great for thick and heavy beards


  1. Considered as the best rotary shaver available that can be used for beard and head shaving.
  2. Have three independent foils and the head can comfortably move into three-dimensions
  3. Comfortable and quite pleasant for close shaving


  1. A trusted brand since its release in 2010
  2. Incredibly budget friendly
  3. Pivoting head and extraordinarily flexible
  4. Modes can be personalized
  5. Has automatic charging and cleaning innovation


  • REMINGTON F5-5800
  1. Tremendously affordable with its price tag of under $50
  2. Comfortable to use and provide smooth hair trimming results
  3. Pivoting head