4 Important Tips When Designing A Small Office Space

Designing a small space is definitely a challenge, especially for those who are not familiar with the concepts of commercial and home interior design in Dubai. The space limitation almost made it impossible for this people to do anything within the space, let alone design it.

But experts in commercial fit out in Dubai believe that with the right guidance and creative, anyone can turn a small, plain-looking office space into a stunning working space. If you are working on creating a design concept for your little office, these tips might be a lifesaver:

  1. Purge your office

The first thing that you need to do when you are redesign a small office space is to clean it up. Take out all the unnecessary elements that are eating up the space. Decluttering will not only add more space, but it will also give you a clearer view how large the space really is. You might be surprised to see how much space is added by throwing away the useless office junk. This activity would also give you an idea what are the things you need to dispose and what are the things that are for keeps.

  1. Lighten up the space

Lighting can do wonders in a space, especially the small ones. If you want to make a small space appear larger than it usually is, then go for adequate lighting. Install lighting fixture on dark corners that are making the room appear small and insecure. But do not overdo it. Putting too much lighting fixtures can eat up the headroom of the space, making it appear smaller. Install them in strategic places.

Another way to do this is by replacing the wall paint with lighter shades. Dark wall paints can add a feeling of being constricted and small.

  1. Go for multipurpose furniture

Since you already have to deal with the space limitation, you need to make adjustments with your furnishings. In this case, do not go for the bulky ones. This type of furniture can eat up the space and also make the room look smaller. Go for slim-shape office furniture that you can incorporate with your design theme but also provide comfort.

  1. Make use of the walls

In most office spaces, everything is placed on the floor, including the cabinets. If you want to create more space, take advantage of your walls and install wall cabinets. You still use the space underneath and create more legroom for employees.