5 Neonatal Care Tips For New Mothers

Newborn infants are cuddly and adorable to look at. But their immune system is fragile and weak. Even a simple cold can cause misery to these adorable creatures. If you are a new mom taking care of a newborn child, here are some tips that can help on protecting your baby from diseases and illnesses.

  1. Let the baby rest


You need to remember that your baby also went through a stressful and tiring activity – and that is labor and childbirth – which is why most infants sleep through the day. Let them rest. At this stage, they are trying to recover from a tiring labor and also a complete rest is important to a baby’s development, especially during growth spurt period. Minimize visits from friends so you and your baby can rest well.


  1. Do not forget the “tummy time”


Your baby spend of his/her time in his/her back, but his tummy need some exercise too. Be sure to allot some time to exercise his/her back. A good 15-20 minutes tummy time would be an ideal time to exercise your baby’s core or at least 5 minutes in different times of the day to practice moving while he/she is on his/her tummy. This can help strengthen his/her arms, neck, and head. Make this activity an enjoyable one for you and your baby. This can serve as your bonding time as well.


  1. Keep track of your baby’s weight and development


Keeping tabs of your baby’s weight and vital is imperative. This for you to track if your little one is reaching his/her milestones and check if there are developmental delays that you need to watch out for. Create a baby book that would record your baby’s development starting from Day 1. Aside from the baby’s weight, you can also keep track of his/her developmental milestones.


  1. Do not miss an appointment

Once the baby is born, it would be up to the parents if they would take their kids for a monthly checkup. Health experts advise parents to keep taking their kids to the doctor to closely monitor their health. Pick the best hospitals in Dubai to monitor and keep track of your baby’s health.


  1. Get all the help you can get


Childbirth is tiring, especially for mothers. If you feel that you are still too exhausted to work around the house. It would be best to seek help from your inner circle or professional care services.

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