Summoners War Hack

Up to date, Summoner’s War is the most trending mobile RPG games for IOS and Android.

Because of high demand for this game, completing the scenarios and getting stronger has been a

Very challenging competition. If you want to get the upper hand, here are some tips you can use.

When you are just going to start playing an individual game, you need to find out everything you

need to know as much as possible so that you won’t need to experiment when you are already

playing in it.

Newbies out there might be looking for some guide for them to get the hang of the

game. Others are looking for feedback about the game itself based on their experience in

Playing it. When you first installed the application, you will be given a tutorial by using Ellie.

She will serve as the dialogue to introduce you to a lot more different summoners inside the

game. She will also guide you in the world and the initial stages of Garren Forest. From then on,

you can now unlock new areas and have the Arena opened, and the Cairo’s Dungeon.

The game does not require you to finish the game as soon as possible. RPG games don’t work

That way. It takes a lot of time before you can even complete a particular dungeon just because you

Need to power up to be strong enough when you faced a adamant opponent.

You can purchase some power ups using your real money, but the rewards for your effort is

much more appreciated.


One of an essential things to keep in mind when playing the game is to have your runes

Level up to nine as its maximum. After it reaches the highest level possible, it would start to get

expensive, making you need to spare a star or two, don’t worry, though, it can be replaced quickly.

Another thing to consider is your monsters. You need to set your goals when it comes to using

And leveling them up because this could have an impact on the long run. Make adjustments for

your monsters as you go by, don’t make them static or they will lose any opportunity to be able

To power up. In the game, you can summon monsters by using different scrolls, mystical scrolls,

Social points or even by using ruby crystals. The monsters you can summon can have a star

Between 1 to 5. The higher the number of stars, the rarer and better the monster is. You can also

Awaken monsters in this game. This process is different from evolving the monster, so you need

To do one thing first before the other. Monsters can only be awakened once. To awaken a

Monster, you must have a collection of essences enough from the Cairo Dungeon. After you

awakened the monster you desire, it would have a new name, new look and of course, improved

stats. However, the level of the monster would not be affected.


In conclusion, investing your time and having the best strategy as much as possible could help

you earn that victory you are seeking.